Using Our Property Import Add On? We’ve Just Released Some Key Updates

14th May 2017

If you already take advantage of our Property Import Add On you might be interested to know we’ve just released a new version containing some important features that could benefit your WordPress estate agency website.

Our Property Import Add On is by far our most popular add on, allowing estate agents to automatically import their property stock from third party software (such as Jupix, DezRez, ExpertAgent and more) for displaying on their WordPress site.

We’ve just released an update to this add on containing the following improvements:


Reduce Disk Usage By Removing Media When Properties Come Off The Market

As properties come on and off the market, overtime you could end up with a server potentially full of media belonging to properties which are no longer on the market.

With this new update we’ve added a great new feature which allows you to choose what should happen to old media once a property comes off of the market.

Property Import Remove Action
This update should mean you don’t end up with a server full of old images, floorplans and more, allowing resources to be used on properties currently available.


Performance Improvements

We’ve made improvements under the hood to the speed and performance of imports, particularly imports that have been running for a while and where the number of properties being stored in WordPress has increased over time.


Added Support For Sites Running in a Multisite Environment

We’ve tested importing properties to a site that’s part of a multisite setup and have made the necessary amendments to ensure it works flawlessly should your WordPress be setup in this way.


More Information Imported when Importing Properties from JET Software

If you import properties from JET property software, you’ll be pleased to hear we now import more information, including bathrooms, brochures and EPCs.


Reduced Confusion

A common misconception was that an import was running because in the main table of imports the ‘Status’ column said ‘Running’. This column actually just refers to whether the import is active or not so we’ve updated the terminology to reflect this and hopefully avoid confusion.

Property Import Status Terminology

If you have already purchased the add on and have a license key you’ll be able to update to this new version through WordPress right away to benefit from these new features.


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