Property Import Add On 2023 Q2 Updates

21st June 2023

Here at Property Hive HQ we can’t quite believe that summer is finally here and that another quarter has passed. This can only mean it’s time for the quarterly update specifically dedicated to your favorite add on! Here’s your 2023 Q2 Import Add on update round up…


  • Overhaul regarding dates and times, ensuring all dates are stored in UTC and that the timezone is taken into account across the add on
  • Corrected issue with the ‘Exact Hours’ frequency running every five minutes
  • Show the import format in the notice at top of a property record to aid with debugging when someone has multiple formats setup
  • Show deleted imports in ‘Added Method’ property filter
  • Added hooks allowing ability to add own import frequencies (
  • Use get_the_ID() instead of get_the_id(). PHP is case-insensitive but good practice
  • Corrected PHP error at end of download media cron

Alto by Vebra

  • Correction to post_date being set in imports. Because dates are sent in BST the properties were being imported with a status of ‘scheduled’ and therefore not being published right away

Rigthmove RTDF Real-Time

  • Added filter ‘propertyhive_rtdf_property_due_import’ to amend property data pre import
  • Import ‘Rooms’ if present
  • Added prompt to enable background media queueing
  • Allow changing of endpoints used for requests by third party
  • Add support for getbranchemails endpoint and return enquiries accordingly


  • Add commercial support
  • Correct field used for post_date
  • Use different icon for Street viewing Elementor widget
  • Trim slashes from base API URL entered as having a URL ending with a slash would cause it to not work
  • Added support for mapping parking and outside spaces
  • Don’t request properties with status ‘let. Now they have a separate ‘let_agreed‘ status we should no longer need this
  • Show any errors returned in a response in the logs such as invalid API key. Previously it would look like it was working but just not returning any properties
  • Show total pages in logs when Street feed runs to aid with debugging


  • Added support for commercial department to Loop V2 format
  • Ensure only one ‘featured’ meta key is created for Loop v1 format to prevent database getting clogged with empty meta keys (since deprecated)

Reapit Foundations

  • Allow for setting of multiple property types
  • Also look at ‘modified’ field when deciding whether to download media. Previously we would just look at URL
  • Added support for commercial properties that are sale and rent
  • Corrected issue with commercial properties with sellingAndLetting marketing status going off market when ‘Only updated updated properties’ option is ticked
  • Cater for rent frequency coming through as ‘annually
  • Set POA accordingly for rental properties
  • Fix typo when importing service charge
  • Import commercial tenure (properly this time)

Expert Agent

  • Import deposit
  • Import Material Information if provided

Arthur Online

  • Add more debugging to logs if JSON can’t be parsed

BLM Remote

  • Check ‘application/x-zip-compressed‘ content type when validating that a zip has been linked to


  • Fix issue with furnished
  • Tweak to field name used to import brochures
  • Check for properties before removing them. Their API went down at one point and all properties got removed. Added this as a failsafe to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


  • Correct issue with not being able to untick ‘Only import updated properties‘ setting
  • Request properties with certain statuses such as Sold STC with filter. We believe by default only available properties are sent
  • Correct PHP error when no price sent


  • Do a check to ensure deposit isn’t empty before importing it


  • Import bathrooms
  • Import virtual tour URL

Resales Online

  • Support for importing lettings properties

If you have a license key you can benefit from the above updates by updating to the latest version (1.3.25) through WordPress right away.

If you’d like to learn more about our Property Import add on, you can find out more on our website. If you’re completely new to Property Hive, download the core plugin to get started and don’t forget that our offering isn’t limited to our Import Add on. You can use Property Hive to make your website snazzy by making use of our flexible customisation capabilities and the additional functionality that comes with our other add ons.