Property Import Add On 2023 Q1 Updates

14th April 2023

It’s time for the quarterly update specifically dedicated to our ever popular import add on. This add on is constantly being updated and tweaked, with new formats being added too. There’s so much going on that we like to give you this information consolidated by CRM, in one big round up!

So here it is, our 2023 Q1 Property Import Round up…


  • UI tweak to main import screen: Button labels changed, icons added, removed ‘Status’ column and added new ‘Edit Mappings’ button to jump straight to custom field mappings step
  • Ensure post ID in the logs is a link to jump straight to that property
  • Declared support for WordPress version 6.2

Reapit Foundations

  • Display approximate API usage cost for the current month. This is an approximation and relates to the current site/domain only
  • Support for commercial properties. It will look at the ‘type’ field and see if it’s a commercial type to decide this
  • Also look at ‘unmappedAttributes’ field when importing property type from Reapit Foundations. Sometimes they seem to use this for property type instead of the original field
  • Import Material information
  • Don’t import max internal/external area as 0 when not applicable to prevent size showing as 3,000 – 0 sq ft
  • Added ‘propertyhive_property_import_reapit_foundations_photo_types’ filter so photo types can be amended


  • Support for additional virtual tours when sent in the ‘property_urls’ part of the data
  • Pass ‘User-Agent’ header in requests when applicable. This allows them to determine which resolution photos should be returned
  • Added support for mapping property type with property style to cater for when type is sent as ‘Detached House’ and style is sent as ‘Bungalow’, for example.
  • Request parkingSpaces when making API request. We don’t have a field for this but someone might want to write a hook to import this into a custom field or similar
  • Added new filter ‘propertyhive_property_import_street_import_report_url’ to ignore EPC URL sent and just use ratings. Sometimes they would link to a HTML webpage that we can’t import

Vebra Alto

  • Ensure txt and XML files downloaded during the authentication and data gathering phase contain the import ID so are completely unique. Issue experienced where multiple Alto imports were running and there was crossover between the data imported


  • Tweak to URL structure to append PROPERTY_REF to permalinks
  • Added support for council tax band


  • Added support for commercial

Agency Pilot

  • Added support for price qualifier


  • Import EPC name

SME Professional

  • Set reference number field to the property ID. Previously this was left blank


  • Use wp_remote_get() instead of cURL when requesting data so fallbacks will be used if cURL isn’t installed


  • Added  support for Apex27 XML feed. Previously we would use the BLM format when wanting to integrate with Apex27 but now use their dedicated XML feed


  • Ensure price_actual is set
  • Added support for property portal add on


  • Pass import ID to hooks as additional parameter. This will eventually be rolled out to all import formats
  • Added support for property portal add on


  • Corrected support for mapping price qualifiers


  • Corrected the parameter names used when requesting properties as they seem to differ from what’s in their documentation and were causing the wrong properties to be returned


  • Set reference number to WebID field. Previously this was left blank
  • Cater for both ID or name when matching branches

Muven / Clarks Computers

  • Rename Clarks Computers to Muven
  • Cater for no results being returned to prevent infinite loop
  • Import material information
  • Import town, county and try to map location
  • Decode HTML in descriptions as they sent it encoded meaning HTML would show on the frontend
  • Correct features not importing

If you have a license key you can benefit from the above updates by updating to the latest version (1.3.18) through WordPress right away.

If you’d like to learn more about our Property Import add on, you can find out more on our website. If you’re completely new to Property Hive, download the core plugin to get started and don’t forget that our offering isn’t limited to our Import Add on. You can use Property Hive to make your website snazzy by making use of our flexible customisation capabilities and the additional functionality that comes with our other add ons.

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