Property Import 2022 Q4 and 2023 Q1 Updates

3rd February 2023

We’re following suit from Q3 2022 and posting to let you know what updates we have made to our import add on. As far as our add ons go, this one is probably our most popular and it regularly gets updates and enhancements that we don’t always notify you of at the time.

Here’s our round up of import add on activity, grouped by estate agency CRM for Q4 2022 and Q1 (so far) 2023.

Reapit Foundations

  • Log number of API Requests made so we can report on these in future and provide live cost and usage analytics
  • Brochure URL’s have a PHP extenstion and weren’t being imported when the ‘Background Media Processing’ option was enabled. This has now been corrected
  • Users now must agree to terms about API charges before imports will run
  • Set post_title on imported attachments
  • Added ability to make multiple requests with new ‘propertyhive_reapit_foundations_json_properties_requests’ filter

Reapit / Jet SOAP API

  • Cater for migration where they’ll be changing unique IDs from jet_* to rps_*
  • Look at media modified date/time when deciding whether or not to re-import media. Previously it would just look at URL which doesn’t appear to change even when the media has been replaced
  • Set post_title on imported attachments


  • Added ability for base API URL to be customised with the addition of a new setting. When a Street account is in testing they use a different URL
  • Request properties with ‘let_agreed’ status
  • Look for ‘featured’ tag and set property as featured accordingly
  • Cater for properties listed as ‘For Sale and To Let’
  • Don’t continue to process feed if no properties found as all properties would get removed if an error occurred whilst obtaining data
  • Remove query string from media filenames imported after they changed the format of their URLs
  • Use ‘large’ photo when importing photos as URLs, including ‘propertyhive_street_image_size’ filter to override


  • Import floor area size
  • Process API requests in chunks of 10 with 1 second pause between chunks to avoid rate threshold. Includes filters to customise the number of request per pause, and the pause duration
  • Added support for commercialLeasePrice field when property is sale and rent
  • Improve logging for failed imports where no items are returned
  • Added ability to import custom data in request using new ‘propertyhive_property_import_vaultea_custom’ filter
  • Set title on media and hopefully fix issue with EPCs not importing due to length of EPC URL provided
  • Added land for sale as new endpoint


  • Added support for Offr API to automatically import properties from Offr to WordPress. Separate Offr add on coming soon allowing properties to be exported.


  • Set negotiator if matching user found
  • Added support for price qualifier field with appropriate mapping settings section
  • Use correct/improved fields for price and rent

Property Finder UAE

  • Added support for Property Finder UAE XML Feed


  • Import council tax band in BLM regardless of whether a property is leasehold or not


  • Support for requests being made in XML as opposed to JSON. If request is in XML, the response will also be provided as XML
  • Import reference number
  • Store data received and display in logs when applicable if an error occurred

Vebra Alto

  • Updated version of API used from v11 to v12 to ensure new Material Information data is imported (council tax, leasehold info etc)
  • Cater for media URL’s being sent with a query string. Having seen a migration take place from Jupix to Alto the image URL’s in this case had a ‘?v=’ parameter appended to media URLs

MRI Thesaurus

  • Improve FTP handling where FTP has timed out


  • Import council tax band in CSV format
  • Added support for multiple locations, property types and parking in CSV format when provided as a comma-delimited list


  • Catered for features being a string

Agency Pilot API

  • Ensured commercial tenures map and get set correctly


  • Import council tax, deposit, tenure, price qualifier, leasehold information and EPC
  • Correct issue with media descriptions causing error


  • Added support for importing Material info


  • Added support for commercial property. There is no specific commercial category so we look at property type to determine this
  • Trim whitespace from API details entered to prevent issues where details have been copied and pasted from somewhere


  • Added support for version 2 with the addition of a new ‘Loop API V2’ format
  • Add ‘district’ to list of fields checked when trying to auto-map properties to a location


  • Output JSON in log if invalid data provided to aid with debugging


  • Don’t set featured field to empty every time an import runs. Rex don’t send it so might’ve be set manually and we don’t want to override this


  • Import deposit, available date and council tax band


  • Added pause after every Google geocoding request to avoid hitting rate limits
  • Corrected weird issue with return from geocoding request causing future geocoding requests to not be made
  • Execute actual import cron every 5 minutes with filter ‘propertyhive_property_import_cron_frequency’ to customise. This should mean the imports run more closely to their specified frequency
  • Ensure ‘ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS’ constant is set when imports run. URLs provided with querystrings were causing WP to throw a security warning
  • Also set ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS constant in background media queue
  • Expand on tooltip about properties coming off market action and the fact this only effects properties removed going forward

If you have a license key you can benefit from the above updates by updating to the latest version (1.3.13) through WordPress right away. Alternatively you can find out more about our Property Import add on and purchase it by visiting the link below:

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