Property Hive Version 1.5.8 – Updated Viewing Grids and Lots More

10th May 2021

It’s that time of the week again where we release what we’ve been working on. Below you can find what’s been included in this latest release.

Updated Viewing Grids On Properties and Contacts

We’ve wanted to update the look and feel of the grids shown on property and contact records for a while. This first pass includes an updated layout applied to the viewing grids and, we think you’ll agree, is much more in keeping with the WordPress UI.

The change includes updated styling, a count in the top-right, and a filter dropdown so you can query viewings based on the status.

This coming week we’ll be rolling out this updated layout to offers, sales and enquiries grids ready for next weeks release.

And More…

  • Added ‘Per Day’ rent frequency to commercial properties
  • Changed monetary input fields to display value with decimal and thousands separators
  • Added ‘Book Viewing’ link on enquiry record, auto-populating the property and applicant
  • Removed notification about missing Google Maps API key warning shown on new installations if map provider is OpenStreetMaps
  • Added Back To Search Elementor widget
  • Added ‘propertyhive_enquiry_email_show_manage_link’ filter to allow users to prevent manage link from showing in enquiry email
  • Deleting a user with role propertyhive_contact removes any meta keys for contacts that links this user to a contact to prevent a ‘floating’ user with no relationship
  • Deleting a contact where a user login has been created deletes the user in question to prevent a ‘floating’ user with no relationship
  • Fake a window resize event on Flexslider image load to get around issue with wrong image height being calculated when lazy loading being used
  • Corrected map not loading correctly in Elementor tabbed details widget when OpenStreetMaps chosen as the provider
  • Corrected deprecated Elementor namespaces warnings
  • Corrected issue with license not showing as valid when within weeks of expiry
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