Property Hive Version 1.4.74 Released

16th December 2020

Property Hive version 1.4.74 has just been released and is available to update to from today. Below you can find a list of what’s been included in this release:

Flag if a viewing is a 2nd, 3rd viewing etc

If an applicant has booked a secondary viewing on a property we’ll now display this accordingly, highlighting if it’s their second, third one etc.

This will display in the ‘Status’ column in all viewings grids.

In 2021 one of the things we’ll be looking at is a visual update to add more colour and prominence to key information such as this.

View contact details when searching for contacts

When searching for contacts we’ll now display their contact details in the results presented to you. This helps distinguish between contacts with the same or similar names.


New Elementor widget: Floor Area

A new Elementor widget has been added when building property details templates for commercial properties. Our new Floor Area widget will allow you to display the area, as well as include an icon, set typography options, and more.

And More…

  • Ensure viewing feedback is still shown on a property record even after it’s progressed to an offer
  • Added ability to search contacts in main contacts list by address
  • Tweaks to search logic when searching for a property when adding a viewing so any combination of house name/number and street should return the relevant result. Previously you could only search for one or the other
  • Include property ‘Location’ field in REST API
  • Added ability for third party add ons to add their own Property Hive Elementor widgets
  • When using the [properties] shortcode and wanting to filter by commercial property type, but commercial is the only active department, don’t require department to be explicilty passed through
  • Added filter ‘property_negotiator_exclude_roles’ to negotiator drodowns to give more control over roles excluded. Added for our Property Portal add on whereby agents can now have a user login
  • Added filter ‘propertyhive_rest_api_property_field_callback’ so data returned from REST API can be modified
  • Correct PHP notice on saving property with no size entered regarding non-numeric values
  • Declared compatibility for WordPress 5.6
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