Property Hive Version 1.5.25 – Off Market Redirects, Enhanced Searching By Address and More

24th November 2021

Version 1.5.25 of our Property Hive WordPress plugin was recently released and contains some great new updates that we think you’ll be interested in if you use Property Hive on your estate agency website.

Let’s take a look below at what new features have been included in this latest release:

Choose what happens when an off market property is viewed

Off market properties won’t show in searches but someone may have the URL saved, they might have an old mailout containing the link, and it’s likely been indexed by search engines. As a result someone may still stumble over an old property which is no longer on the market and visit the URL direct.

As a result, we’ve added a new setting under ‘Property Hive > Settings > General > Miscellaneous‘ to specify what happens should an off market property URL be accessed:

You can choose to still show the property details or do a 301 redirect back to the search results page.

Enhanced address searching

We’ve improved searching by address keyword on the frontend by catering for comma-delimited search terms that contain multiple levels of address elements (i.e. High Street, Basildon). Previously this would’ve not worked, however we now cater for this, especially seeing as suggestions returned from our Location Autocomplete add on are often in this format.

And more…

  • Added a new column to list of enquiries in backend displaying the properties an enquiry is in relation to
  • When converting an applicant from an enquiry ensure the address is copied across if present, such as enquiries received from Rightmove
  • Return draft properties in backend during AJAX property searches (i.e. when booking a viewing) with ” – Draft” appended
  • Added a ‘Update’ shortcut link on applicant requirements record to quickly update the match price range fields when max price is updated
  • Date fields changed throughout to use HTML date field type instead of jQuery datepicker plugin. This should mean formatting of dates are relevant to locale
  • When a user login is created from a contact, ensure first and last names are filled on the WordPress user record. Not used anywhere by Property Hive but for the benefit of any third party plugins using the user details
  • Corrected undefined error when selecting applicant solicitor on a sale record
  • Corrected edit functionality for EPCs and Brochures in media section on property record
  • Declared compatibility for WordPress 5.8.2

This new version is available as an update in WordPress so we recommend you update to benefit from these latest features.

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