Property Hive Turns 7 Years Old Today

8th December 2021

When a reminder popped up alerting me to the fact it’s our anniversary today, I had to check twice when realising it’s been 7 years since Property Hive launched in 2014. 7 whole years of continuous growth and expansion, and thousands of estate agents websites and CRMs now powered by our little free plugin.

It’s crazy to think where the time has gone and I think it’s important at times like this to step back, get your head out of emails, and just take a moment to think about what’s been achieved during this time:

Property Hive is now installed on nearly 3,000 estate agency WordPress websites, has been downloaded over 70,000 times (source), we get on average 3 orders a day, our annual turnover has continued to increase year on year, we’re still putting out regular new releases and new add ons, and we continue to see agents not only use Property Hive to power their website, but also more and more choose us as their primary CRM property software.

As well as looking at what’s been achieved, I’m also just so grateful that I get to do what I love, and that as a team we get to assist so many estate agents with such a fundamental part of their business.

As always, thanks to all our users for their continued support. From day one we always wanted to make a product that everyone could contribute to and benefit from and I like to think we’ve achieved that to date.

Here’s to the next seven years,

Steve Marks

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