PropertyHive Is Born

8th December 2014

After months of blood, sweat and tears (okay, maybe not so much blood), we are pleased to announce that PropertyHive is finally available in BETA for use in your next estate agency website.

We’ve been toying with the idea of making the plugin public for a few months now, however we just felt that the time wasn’t right. The plugin needed more development, and more testing. The last thing we wanted to do was release it the world and then for it’s users to encounter problems. The time is now however and we are so chuffed to see it available for download on the WordPress plugin repository.

Not only that, but we’re also making the codebase available to the world on GitHub. Our primary focus when we first thought up PropertyHive was to make it open-source, allowing anyone in the world to contribute to the code. This could be adding new features, or simply fixing a small bug they’ve found. As long as you know enough about the workings of WordPress’ code, or know someone that does, you can not only make the changes yourself, but your contribution will be gratefully received by everyone in the community.

No longer is estate agency software developed by a small group of people. Not it’s built by the world.

Getting Started

If you’re an estate agent that uses WordPress, or if you’re a web developer that builds sites for estate agents, we’d love for you to download PropertyHive and give it a go.

We like to think it’s straightforward, however the documentation is always available should you need some help. Of course, we’re also on hand to assist should you get really stuck.

Your feedback matters to us so we’d love to know what you think, any problems you encountered, and how you think we can make the plugin better for you and everyone else.

The Future

Our focus is now in three places going forward:

1. Get PropertyHive out of BETA. We’re confident this won’t be long and simply requires us to get some feedback from our users and fix any problems they’re having.

2. Develop more add-ons. The beauty of using PropertyHive is that you choose what features you want through the addition of add-ons. We’re going to be focussing on building these add-ons as quickly as we can to give you the most choice, and the most functionality.

3. Documentation and support – What good is a product if there is no help to back it up? We have enough documentation in place to allow someone to start using PropertyHive right out the gates, but we want to do more. Things such as videos, screencasts, and the ability to submit support tickets all help in making it easier, and quicker, to get up and running.

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