Property Hive Preparing For Major jQuery Changes In WordPress 5.6

30th November 2020

We recently shared an article about the upcoming major release from WordPress due on December 8th 2020, headed by a team made entirely of females (we think this is super awesome). Now that development has kicked off for WordPress 5.6 (you can follow more here), we’re looking at how this will affect our plugins and add ons.

One of the updates for this release are some major jQuery changes which will some of our major products. We’re jumping ahead of this and making sure that our development team focus on securing and preparing every single one of our add ons and our core Property Hive plugin for this release.

It will of course mean that once WordPress 5.6 is released, when you come to update this in your dashboard, you will need to ensure you also update all of the Property Hive products you are using. We always recommend taking a backup of your files and your database before making any updates like this just incase.

If you are using our premium add ons, don’t forget you can update these by purchasing our annual license key here.