Printable Brochures Add On Update: Support For dompdf Library

17th November 2020

We’ve released a new update to our Printable Brochures Add On.

Previously in order to export PDFs, you had to add third party code to the server to get this to work, which became an issue if you had restricted hosting or shared a server. We’ve now added support for the dompdf Library, which means you no longer have to do this and can export PDFs without the need of additional code.

In the settings area of the Printable Brochures area, you will now see a new option allowing you to choose the preferred way of exporting documents.

Make sure you update to the latest version of the Printable Brochure add on to benefit from this new feature. Updates to premium plugins are available to license key holders, if you don’t already hold a license key, you can purchase one here.

You can also visit the documentation page for this add on for additional troubleshooting and guidance on creating bespoke layouts here.