New Feature Alert – Search For Properties Based On Your Current Location

19th July 2019

We’ve just released a killer new feature that will instantly improve how your users search for properties on your website.

Our aim from day one has always been to help businesses build better estate agency websites in WordPress. One way in which we do this is by making Property Hive as feature-rich and as functional as we can.

Continuing on with this theme, we’ve just released a new update to our Radial Search add on that allows users to search for properties based on their current location.

Search Properties By Current Location

Users can simply click the target icon and their browser will obtain their current location using the Google Geolocation API. From there they can choose a radius and find properties around them.

We’re really proud of this new feature and hope you’ll take advantage by using it on your estate agency website. For more details or to purchase the Radial Search add on simply visit the link below:


Go To Radial Search Add On


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