New Checklist Add On Released: Track Sale Progression, Manage Pre-Tenancy Checklists and More

3rd March 2022

We’re so pleased to announce the first add on of 2022 in the form of our new Checklist add on. If you are using Property Hive as your main estate agency CRM software, or are planning to in the future, this one is for you.

Checklists are paramount in the day-to-day operations of an estate agency and are used in all aspects of their work. From ensuring everything is done and ready before a property goes to market, to tracking sales milestones, to getting a tenancy ready, they allow everyone within a team to track the current state of something and to aid in it’s progression.

Let’s take a look below at some of the key features of this new add on:

Multiple checklists for different parts of the system

Using our new Checklist add on you can achieve all of the above, and more, by creating multiple checklists relevant to different post types.

Sales Progression Checklist

When creating a checklist item simply select which post type(s) the item is relevant to:

This ensures checklists aren’t just fixed to certain parts of Property Hive and can be fully customised to appear where you need them the most.

More than just a tickbox

As well as ticking to say whether an item is completed or not, you can also add additional information to the checklist item, be it a dropdown of choices, a date, or a freetype textbox.

Integration into lists

With a checklist setup on a post type, you’ll also be able to see the current status of the checklist from the main list of records. We’ll display how many items are completed and colour code it accordingly so you can see at a glance which records need attention.

Checklist status in WordPress post lists

This add on is available to purchase now by following the link below. As always we would love to hear your feedback and welcome any questions and suggestions.

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