New Add On: Infinite Scroll

15th May 2017

We’re pleased to announce the latest addition to our suite of add ons. Our new Infinite Scroll Add On removes pagination and provides a continuous stream of properties as the user scrolls.

Infinite scroll is commonplace on a lot of sites these days, especially mobile applications such as Facebook and Twitter. When you’ve used these sites you would’ve noticed that the posts continue to drop in as you reach the end of the page.

Our new Infinite Scroll Add On offers this same kind of functionality resulting in the removal of pagination and a continuous stream of properties.

Infinite Property Scroll Animation

The add on also comes with a few settings, including whether this should apply to all devices or mobiles only, and more.

Infinite Scroll Add On Settings

What’s more, when you click into a property to view the full details, clicking the ‘Back’ button will return you to the set of properties you were previously viewing. This is an issue we’ve seen before on sites that attempt infinite scroll and one we were keen to resolve.

The Infinite Scroll add on can be purchased right away for just £24.99 and takes just seconds to setup.


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