New Add On – Email Applicants Requesting Their Viewing Feedback

5th June 2019

Take the hassle out of chasing applicants for viewing feedback by emailing them and allowing them to submit their thoughts online through a simple form on your site.

For estate agents using Property Hive as a CRM to track viewings, our new add on will definitely interest you.

Once a viewing is marked as ‘Carried Out’, emailing applicants asking for their viewing feedback can be done at a click of a button.

Email Request For Viewing Feedback

The applicant will then be sent an email containing a link to a form on your website where they can submit any comments:

Viewing Feedback Submission Form

The viewing will be updated automatically in WordPress based on what is entered and you’ll be notified via email that feedback has been received so you can act on it accordingly.

If you’re interested in finding out more or adding this functionality to your WordPress installation simply visit the link below to find out more:


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