Import Properties in the Rightmove Real-Time Datafeed (RTDF) Format

17th November 2022

We’ve always been able to send properties to portals using our Real-Time Data Feed Add On, however we’re pleased to announce that we can now import properties in this format too using the latest version of our Property Import Add On (v1.3.06).

Some estate agency CRM’s, such as OpenView, are able to send property data to your website in the real-time format, therefore improving the rate at which updates take to appear. As soon as a change to a property is made inside the CRM it should show on your website instantly. This improves on other supported CRM formats whereby we have to go off and get the data at regular intervals meaning it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a day for updates to show.

Another great advantage of using the real-time feed format is the speed at which corrections can be made. Noticed a typo? Or did the property get rejected because it has no bedrooms entered. These issues can be fixed right away without having to wait for another import to run. We’re aware that time is of the essence when marketing properties to your audience and you don’t get much quicker than this.

If your CRM can send property data in the real-time format you can setup this up quickly and easily using our Property Import Add On by selecting ‘Rightmove Real-Time Datafeed (RTDF)‘ from the list of available formats and continuing through the step-by-step-wizard.

Property Import RTDF Options and Endpoints

To import properties to your website in real-time, simply purchase our Property Import Add On below to get started:

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