Extending Third Party Support In Our Property Import Add On

19th June 2019

Our popular Property Import add on has just been extended allowing the addition of third party, bespoke and one-off formats.

“Can your import add on support estate agency software X?” is one of the most common questions we get asked. We accommodate this where we can and will always try to get new formats added if it’s going to benefit all of our users.

Sometimes however it’s just not feasible to add the requested format, especially if it’s a one-off bespoke format, or if the software in question isn’t a property related CRM.

We’ve now flipped this on it’s head by allowing anyone to add their own formats to our existing Property Import add on. Through the use of hooks and filters you can now extend the default functionality and add your own format. All you need is basic PHP knowledge, or a developer that can make the changes for you, and you can import properties from the software or CRM of your choice.

We’ve included an example of an add on we’ve created below which imports a JSON feed:


View Sample Custom Format Add On


We’ll also gladly integrate custom formats on your behalf using this method. On average these take a few hours to complete, providing clear documentation is provided, at a cost of approximately £99. Please get in touch if interested in this we’ll gladly assist.

We hope that in allowing you to write your own third party integrations you’ll then also be able to benefit from the other features that exist in Property Hive for use on your estate agency website.


View Property Import add on


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