New Add On: Export Properties To ESPC Scottish Property Portal

23rd November 2020

You can now export your properties to Scottish Property Portal ESPC.

Using our new add on, this will automatically generate the XML required to send properties to ESPC.

Once installed, a new settings area will appear under ‘Property Hive > Settings > ESPC Export’ allowing you to configure the feed. You can then select on a per-property basis which properties should be included in the feed.

For further assistance with your Property Hive installation, please visit our documentation page here.

Remember to keep your add ons and plugins up to date for the latest most secure version. For access to updates to our premium plugins, you can purchase a license key.

If you’d like to export your properties from WordPress to¬†ESPC simply click the link below to purchase this add on:

Buy ESPC Export Add On