Export Properties Automatically To Kyero Spanish Property Portal

30th July 2019

Our latest add on has been released allowing you to now automatically export your overseas properties to Spanish property portal, Kyero.

Back in March we announced that you could now import properties in the Kyero XML format to your estate agency WordPress site using our Property Import add on.

As of today you can also export properties in this format using our new add on. This new add on will automatically generate the XML required to send properties to Kyero at regular intervals.

Once installed a new settings area will appear under ‘Property Hive > Settings > Kyero’ allowing you to configure the feed. You can then select on a per-property basis which properties should be included in the feed.

If you’d like to export your properties from WordPress to Kyero simply click the link below to purchase this add on:


View Kyero XML Export Add On


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