Elementor Support Coming To Property Hive

29th April 2020

For those not familiar with Elementor, it’s a page building plugin for WordPress that has skyrocketed in popularity over the past years.

It’s becoming increasingly popular within the estate agency world with more web developers and agencies choosing this plugin over other alternatives available on the market to build their property websites.

We receive a multitude of enquiries about the compatibility of Elementor with Property Hive and we’ve been asked time and time again if we would consider building something to support this.

We’re therefore incredibly excited to announce the release of a brand new free plugin that will do just that. Our team have been working on this new feature behind the scenes with a hope to release this within the next couple of weeks.

The first version of the plugin will focus on the single property page and combine page building aspects of Elementor with Property Hive, allowing you to drag and drop widgets into position.

With future releases to the plugin we will be looking to expand this functionality to the search results page also, as well as add additional widgets for use across other areas of your site.

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