Bricks Builder Support is Here

5th December 2023

We’ve integrated with Bricks Builder

You may have noticed that we recently announced support for Divi and extended our Elementor support offering. We’ve done this to try and help make it as easy as possible for users navigating their way through building a property website.

Bricks Builder has been next on our list and we’re happy to announce that you can now use it to build your property details pages.

What is Bricks Builder?

Bricks Builder is a WordPress theme and page builder. It’s not property specific, but is a popular option for those building property websites.

We won’t dive too far into the positives of using this theme, but it’s worth noting that the notion of a combined theme and page builder has become a popular option. This is because the page builder and theme elements work seamlessly together with minimal conflicts so you don’t have to worry about compatibility between features. Personally, we have been very impressed with it’s speed!

What have we put in place?

This release gives you the ability to customise your single property details page using Bricks Builder.

Here you can drag and drop the Property Hive widgets to build and style your property details page to your preference.

Bricks Builder Property Hive widgets

Why use Bricks Builder to help build your property website?

It’s flexible and easy to use

The Property Hive widgets combined with the Bricks Builder styling options make it possible to achieve any layout regardless of technical expertise.

Bricks Builder property details layout

It’s fast

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve been impressed with the speed of this page builder. Not only does this integration simplify the overall build of your property details pages, but you can also do it quickly!

What’s next?

Here at Property Hive we will be continuing to extend our page builder integration offering. Get in touch and let us know if there’s an integration you’d like to see.

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