Applicant Matching and Emailing Coming This Week

7th November 2016

If we’ve spoken via email recently, or if you’re a member of our mailing list, you’ve probably seen mention of us working on a new kick-ass feature; applicant matching and emailing.

After being in the pipeline for a few months, we’re pleased to say that our biggest release to date containing applicant matching and emailing is going live later this week. This feature is a huge leap towards Property Hive no longer just being a platform for property websites, but rather becoming a valuable tool for estate agents, especially those that don’t use third party property software.

We’ll announce more details when it’s officially available, however below we’ve included a few of the key features that you can expect to see:

– Record applicant requirements (maximum price, property types and more)
– Run a manual property match to get back a list of suitable properties
– From here you can mark properties as ‘Not Suitable’ or select which ones you wish to email to the applicant
– Customise the email text and preview it prior to it being sent
– Fully customisable email template
– Activate automatic matching. Once enabled, new properties will automatically get sent to the relevant applicants.

We’re so excited about starting this next phase of our journey and hope you’re excited about trialling these new features. Watch this space for the official announcement and video where we’ll walk you through this new functionality.

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