Version 1.4.51 of Property Hive Now Available – Additional Filtering and Property Notes Fix

18th December 2019

We’ve managed to sneak out a small release before we start to wind down for Christmas and the New Year. Version 1.4.51 of Property Hive for WordPress is available to download now and contains the following:

Filter and sort offers and sales by status

From the main offers and sales lists within the WordPress admin area you can now sort and filter offers and sales by the status.

Filter offers by status

Corrected issue with notes not displaying on the property record

Following the last release and the fact we moved ‘History & Notes’ to it’s own tab, an issue was raised whereby in certain scenarios notes wouldn’t show on a property record. Turns out this was when an enquiry existed in the previous ‘Enquiries’ tab which has now been resolved.

Note that this hasn’t stopped notes that were entered from being saved so you haven’t lost any notes.

More countries added

We’ve added Denmark, Finland and Sweden to the list of the supported countries so estate agents in Scandinavia can take advantage of Property Hive too.

And more…

  • We changed the word ‘Unattended’ to ‘Unaccompanied’ when no viewing staff selected
  • We improved the way in which we store attending staff on appraisals and viewings. Previously it would delete the post meta and then recreate them each time the record was saved. Now we only recreate the meta keys when the attending staff has changed.
  • This version declares compatibility for WordPress 5.3.1
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