Version 1.1.14 Released – Property Map and More

13th August 2016

At not even halfway through the month yet, we’re already onto our fifth release (that’s one on average every 2.6 days!). These latest versions contain a whole array of improvements which we’d like to tell you about below.


Easily Display A Map On The Property Page

Property Map
By far the most frequent question recently has been; “How do I display a map on the property details page showing it’s location”. Previously we’d construct bespoke code for people to place in their theme, or give step by step instructions.

I’m pleased to tell you that now this can achieved with a single line of code as we’ve added a shortcode to help you out. You can find out more information and examples on how to use this shortcode over on our documentation.


Batch delete custom fields

Batch Delete Property Hive Custom Fields
When first setting up Property Hive it’s likely you’re going to want to amend the custom fields (property types, locations etc) to match the individual estate agent. If you wanted to delete the custom fields that were added by default, you’d have to do so one at a time.

This was time consuming and slow, so we’ve now added the ability to delete custom fields en masse.


And There’s More…

Click to view previously uploaded EPCs – On a property record in WordPress it wasn’t possible to view EPCs that had been uploaded previously. This was particularly frustrating for EPCs in PDF format as you couldn’t see the contents of the PDF. Clicking the individual EPCs will now open them in a new window.

Add any taxonomy as a search form dropdown – When customising the property search form on the front end, the only taxonomy that people could search for was ‘Location’. We’ve now expanded on this so you can add a whole range of dropdowns to the search forms. This might include adding ‘Furnished’, ‘Parking’ or ‘Outside Space’ as additional search criteria for your users to search from.

Furnished added by default to the single property template – In the templates that come with Property Hive out-of-the-box we have one called ‘meta.php‘. This includes information such as bedrooms, deposit and more. We’ve now added ‘Furnished’ to this list of information also and display it if it’s been provided.

We hope you enjoy these latest features. As always, we appreciate any feedback you might have. Watch this space for more exciting releases coming very soon…