Support For Importing Properties From Dezrez Added To Property Hive

20th April 2016

We recently posted about some additional formats of property import that we’d be supporting in Property Hive. One of these formats was Dezrez and we’re super excited to announce that just a few days later this is already now available.

If you use Dezrez as your software provider, by using our property import add on you can now seamlessly display properties from Dezrez on your own WordPress website.

Setting this up couldn’t be easier. After installing the add on, simply choose Dezrez from the list of supported formats, enter the API key and Estate Agency ID you’ve been provided with, and your properties will start to appear allowing them to be displayed on your estate agency website.


Property Hive Dezrez XML Import


We hope you enjoy this update. We’ll continue to add support for other formats over the forthcoming weeks to make Property Hive as accessible as possible, regardless of the property software you’re already using.


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