Send Property Enquiries Made Through Your Website Into Your Street Account

12th July 2023

Do you import properties into your Property Hive website using the Street API format? If so, you can now send any property enquiries directly into your Street account using our new ‘Export Street Enquiries‘ add on.

With this new add on you can send enquiries made on your website directly to Street, automatically and instantly.

Export Street Enquiries

What are the benefits of sending your enquiries directly to Street?

Automate your enquiry processes:

Simply check Street to access enquiries made through your website. There’s no need to copy enquiries and contact details received via email across into Street.

Save time:

By removing the need for manual processing of enquiries you’ll save time and ultimately be able contact your clients quicker.

Fasttrack enquiries:

It’s a competitive market so waste no time in communicating with prospective buyers. With enquiries being sent straight into your CRM, anyone in your agency can contact the enquirer immediately when an enquiry comes in.


*Note: To use ‘Export Street Enquiries’ you first need to be importing properties using our Property Import add on

Once you’ve activated the enquiries add on, you’ll have access to the new settings area.  This can be found under ‘Property Hive -> Settings -> Street Enquiries’. From here, you can activate the feature and your enquiries will be sent going forward.

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