REAXML Support Now Available To Import Properties

23rd March 2017

The REAXML format is a widely used format amongst the Australian real estate industry so we’re pleased to announce that we now support this in Property Hive within the Property Import Add On.

Similar to how the BLM format became the industry standard for sending and receiving properties in the UK, the REAXML format is the Australian equivalent. It also shares many similarities in that it’s transferred via FTP and can be sent compressed in a ZIP file with associated media.

This latest addition to our Property Import Add On makes it possible to be up and running in just minutes. There’s no need to install additional plugins or software, and no need to convert the REAXML files into another format first. Simply follow the simple step-by-step wizard, tell Property Hive where the files can be located, and properties will begin to be imported automatically.

We’re keen to make Property Hive available to as many users worldwide as possible and we hope that with this new addition we’ll see a lot more users from the other side of the world taking advantage on their next WordPress estate agency websites.


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