Property Import Update: Version 1.2.14 – Support Assistance

16th November 2020

The latest version of our Property Import add on (1.2.14) is available now. With a focus on assisting support we’ve put together a list of updates available in the latest version.

The two main features for this release are;

  • Log the exact data received for each property and make this available to view on the property record. This should allow users to debug any problems themselves by being able to access the data from WordPress, or speed up the process when customers use our support suite.

  • We’ve added the ability to filter properties by which import they came from or by properties that have been added manually.

Take a look at some of the other updates from this release;

  • Added support for Property Portal add on in the Vebra format.
  • Set pagination on BooksterHQ requests to overcome default 20 limit.
  • Allow Reapit/Jet import to be ran for specific departments by introducing new ‘propertyhive_property_import_jet_departments’ filter.
  • Import unit virtual tours o top level property in Arthur format.
  • Correct undefined error when saving agents when certain departments are not active.
  • Trim whitespace from API details entered for Arthur format.

For further assistance with the Property Import add on, you can visit our documentation page here.

To access updates from our premium add ons, you will need to ensure you have an up to date license key which can be purchased here.