Property Hive Version 1.5.37 – New Enquiry Action, Get Offices via REST API and more

12th August 2022

The latest version of Property Hive has been released and although a smaller release than previous ones, it still contains some changes that affect the majority of estate agents using our WordPress plugin.

Let’s take a look at what’s included in this latest release:

Create enquiries from a contact record

On an contact record in Property Hive you’ll notice a new action button has appeared:

This new ‘Record Enquiry’ button will take you to the new enquiry screen with the contact’s details prefilled.

Obtain offices via the REST API

You could already obtain properties using the WordPress REST API, however we’ve now extended this to support offices.

By making a request to the following URL you’ll be able to read these accordingly, along with each offices relevant contact information:


Elementor Updates

  • We’ve added support for floorplans and EPCs that are stored as URLs in the relevant Elementor widgets
  • EPC’s that are stored as URLs, and that aren’t an image, will now work accordingly in the ‘EPC Link’ widget and will open in a new tab instead of a lightbox

And more…

  • Tweaks to timestamps used when scheduling events
  • Ensured price is ignored when matching properties with no match range or price set
  • Prevent PHP warning if no commercial price entered whilst working out price_actual
  • Added Thailand to list of supported countries

We’ve been focussing on other areas of the business for the past few weeks, hence the gap between updates, however we’re now getting into a regular release cycle again and can’t wait to start releasing more functionality soon.

Thanks for your continued support and as always we welcome any feedback or suggestion ideas to improve the plugin.

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