Now Import 10ninety Properties Into WordPress

24th January 2018

If you use the 10ninety estate agency software you can now automatically sync your data to your WordPress website.

We’ve just added support our 14th format when it comes to importing properties from third party software. This time it’s support for the 10ninety property software. Using the latest version of our Property Import add on (v1.0.82) you can seamlessly import properties entered in 10ninety into Property Hive for displaying on your WordPress site.

Setting this import up is quick and easy. 10ninety will provide you with a URL to their XML data. Simply enter this URL into the settings area of Property Hive and the properties will then be automatically imported at regular intervals.

10ninety XML URL

If you’re a user of the 10ninety property software and would like to sync your properties to your WordPress website, you can visit the Property Import add page below to get started.


Go To Property Import Add On