New Changes Regarding Our Property Import Add On

4th August 2020

A commonly reported problem with importing properties into WordPress has been that they often time out due to images taking a long time to download the first time they have been received.  This was reported more by users who are on a shared hosting facility who are unable to change their server settings.

For those users that have experienced this issue, we’ve now added a new setting, allowing you to specify that media is downloaded separately from the core property information.

When this is enabled, the property will be imported first and any new or updated media that needs importing will be added to a separate queue and processed separately in the background.

Although this change won’t affect the vast majority of customers who use the Property Import for their properties, this is a real game changer from those who were reporting this issue.

This feature is being released in a beta phase and will be made permanent if we receive good feedback.

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