Let’s Get Things Straight: WordPress Myths Debunked

17th February 2020

WordPress Is a Well Known Content Management System Surrounded By Myths. We’re Going To Debunk Them Once And For All

WordPress is shrouded in myths and mystery. It’s difficult to know if building a business website on the popular CMS is worth it. Below, we’ve debunked the most common WordPress myths.

WordPress Is Just For Blogs

When WordPress started in 2003, it was just a blogging platform. That was 17 years ago… We’ve come a long long way since then, and so has WordPress. It is one of the biggest content management systems on the internet, with a plugin for just about anything you can imagine, and over 27 million live sites at the time of writing.

WordPress Isn’t Secure

Most WordPress horror stories you hear come from the days of old when it was in its formative years. There are stories about WordPress being under threat because it’s popular. Yes this means it’s a good target for hackers, but it’s code is open source meaning there are developers all over the world constantly improving security and fixing bugs so the software is ever evolving and always up to date.

WordPress Can’t Handle Big Sites

This misconception is closely related with the first point about WordPress being nothing more than a blogging platform. People also think that a WordPress site can’t handle high volumes of traffic. ‘it’ll look unprofessional and it will become unmanageable if it gets too big.’ The truth is, 34% of the internet is powered by WordPress including BBC America, Sony Music, and The Walt Disney company to name a few.

The Truth Is, People Love WordPress And Here’s Why:

It’s So Easy To Use

To create a website in WordPress, you don’t need any kind of advanced coding knowledge. Anyone can use it to create their website. If you do need help to modify your website, the base code is open source so any freelance developer can help you achieve whatever it is you need.

It’s Flexible

WordPress offers thousands of themes and plugins to choose from. The themes are the design of your website, with hundreds available. Plugins add functionality to your website. For example, Property Hive is an open source free plugin for estate agents looking to build a website, or manage their agency in one place.

It’s powerful

As mentioned earlier, WordPress powers over 34% of the internet and is capable of running high traffic sites effectively and efficiently.

It’s Free

When creating a WordPress website the only things you need to buy are a hosting service and a domain name. Aside from that WordPress’ software is free, open source, allowing you to download, modify and distribute as many times as you want.

You have full control

No need to rely on (or pay a huge amount of money to) anyone else because WordPress is so easy to use and modify. In the world of DIY and start ups, being able to take full control over your website for a low cost is invaluable.

Hopefully this post has cleared up some misconceptions about WordPress, and why it’s one of the best content management systems on the internet right now.

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