Improved WordPress REST API Support – Create and Update Properties from a Third Party Application

22nd June 2023

Back in 2016 we released initial support for Property Hive working alongside the WordPress REST API and the ability to obtain properties. With the latest version of Property Hive version 1.5.51 we are pleased to announce that you can now also create and update properties on your site from a third party application.

Why might I do this?

Some scenarios where this might be used include:

  • If you manage properties from a CRM that isn’t supported by our Property Import add on, the CRM could push properties to your website
  • If you run a headless CMS and have a ‘Submit Property’ form you could use this to add the property details entered into Property Hive

Does this mean anyone can update my properties?

Certainly not. There’s a layer of authentication built into WordPress that needs to passed in order for a third party to submit changes via the REST API.

A quick example

Below you can see a very simple example of a POST request that updates an existing property:

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic {application-password}

{"title":"High Street, Birmingham","status":"publish","on_market":"yes","department":"residential-sales","address_country":"GB","price":123000,"features":["poolside","fireplace"],"virtual_tours":[{"url":"https:\/\/","label":"VT1"},{"url":"https:\/\/","label":"VT2"}],"images":[{"url":"https:\/\/\/image1.jpg"},{"url":"https:\/\/\/image2.jpg"}]}


Want to know more? You can read more about managing properties using the WordPress REST API in our docs.

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