Import Leads From Zoopla Using Their Updated API

1st December 2022

Back in 2020 we originally added support for importing leads from Zoopla. It achieved this by going off to an FTP directory on the Zoopla servers to retrieve any leads and processed them accordingly.

Doing this was slow and meant we had to download all of the leads each time and work out which enquiries had been processed already.

As a result we were pleased to hear that Zoopla have now added support for an updated Leads API allowing us to obtain enquiries faster and to only get new leads that haven’t been imported previously. Modern, faster and more reliable.

If you’re sending properties to Zoopla from your WordPress website and wish to enable this new way of receiving leads, simply edit the Zoopla feed and choose the new option accordingly:

Zoopla Leads API Settings

The API details can be obtained from Zoopla upon request. The first time that we import the leads we’ll get the last 30 days worth. Going forward we’ll then only import new enquiries if any have been made.

Any leads imported will appear in the ‘Enquiries’ section of Property Hive, making it easy to have a central place for all of your leads, regardless of where they’ve been made from.

The above is all possible with the latest version of our Zoopla real-time feed add on available now.

View Zoopla Real-Time Listings Add On

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