How To Automatically Post New Properties On Social Media

19th February 2018

Automating the process of submitting properties to your various social media accounts will save time and generate more enquiries if done right. In this post we take a look at how you can automatically push properties to Facebook, Twitter, and more, when added to Property Hive in WordPress.

Posting property stock onto your social media accounts can have a number of benefits. It can not only generate more interest in the properties themselves, but also shows that you’re an active agency as well as improves brand awareness.

Also remember that not only are buyers seeing the properties, but potential sellers too. If they see a lot of properties coming onto the market it could result in an instruction too later down the line.

So how do we go about automating this process? Fortunately it’s quick and easy as there are lots of WordPress plugins out there already that can manage this for you. Let’s take a look at one of these as an example:

Social Media Auto Publish WordPress Plugin

The Social Media Auto Publish is just one of many plugins which achieve what we’re after, though they’re all relatively similar.

Once installed and activated you simply enter your social media account details and check the settings, choosing to publish the ‘property’ post type.

Social Media Auto Post Settings

A final word of caution. Don’t let your social feeds become 100% property postings. They’re boring and will probably have a negative impact if anything. I would go as far as to say that about 1 in 20 of your posts should be a new property listing. Keep it fresh, keep it interesting and, most importantly, be social.

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