Changing The Way You Use WordPress As An Estate Agency CRM

1st June 2021

One of the main challenges we’ve always faced when it comes to ease-of-use of our WordPress plugin is the fact that the wide array of Property Hive functionality is almost masked behind the other general WordPress components such as Pages, Posts, Comments etc.

As a negotiator logging in to use Property Hive as their estate agency software we know you don’t care about this. You want access to your data that allows you to do your day-to-day job effectively, not to be put off by non-related functionality regarding the website that only applies to a web developer or marketing team.

We get this, so that’s why with the latest version of free Property Hive plugin, version 1.5.11, we’re introducing our new ‘Property Hive-Only Mode‘:

On a negotiator’s profile you’ll now have the ability to activate this new mode which in turn will remove all of the general WordPress functionality from the menu, and promote the Property Hive options to the top-level making everything always appear in view and just one click away:

Property Hive CRM Only Mode Comparison

It will also remove all the non Property Hive related widgets from the dashboard leaving only the appointment and to-do style widgets behind used in your day-to-day operations.

With this new option Property Hive now becomes less Content Management System, and more estate agency CRM. We love this new feature and think it really opens up Property Hive as a viable software solution to estate agents who were previously put off by the fact standard WordPress functionality remained available and made using the Property Hive features less intuitive.

As always we’d love to hear your feedback on this change or if you are interested in using our free and open-source plugin for your estate agency software.

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