New Add On – Automatically Export Your Commercial Properties To NovaLoca

25th June 2019

If you’re an estate agent that deals with commercial properties it might interest you to know that with our new add on you can automatically export your property stock from your WordPress site to NovaLoca.

We’ve just released our NovaLoca Export add on that makes it simple to send your properties from Property Hive to popular commercial listing site NovaLoca. Properties are sent and kept in sync automatically meaning you only need to manage them in one place.

Once installed you can manage the export settings yourself through the Property Hive settings area meaning there’s no need for us to get involved:

NovaLoca Property Export WordPress Settings

You can also specify which properties are sent by selecting the relevant checkbox under the ‘Marketing’ tab on the property record:

NovaLoca Property Select

Any selected properties will then get sent accordingly the next time that the export automatically runs.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this new functionality simply visit the link below for more details and to purchase the add on:


View NovaLoca Export Add On


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