5 Ways to get your Estate Agency Website Ready for the 2023 Festive Season

23rd November 2023

With Christmas looming you might already be counting down the minutes until you can clock off and go and enjoy some well earned mulled wine. But don’t go into holiday mode just yet without first ensuring your property website is as prepared as it can be for the upcoming festive period.

Why do anything at all?

Before we get into the individual suggestions on how to get your website Christmas-ready, you might be asking why you should do anything at all.

Show you’re on the ball – If someone lands on your property site and finds references to Christmas then your business appears current and active.

It’s your online shop window – Do you have a Christmas tree or tinsel in your high street office window? Then why shouldn’t there be a little Christmas dazzle on your website too?

New beginnings – The Christmas and New Year period is a time where people re-evaluate their lives. They consider changing their jobs, they plot their aims for the upcoming year, and lots of people consider moving house. You might therefore see a spike in traffic so you want your website to be as relevant and ready as possible.

People love Christmas – It’s a simple truth; people love Christmas! Capitalise on this to create a positive and engaging experience for your website visitors.

How can I get my website ready for the festive season?

Add a themed logo – Give your logo a festive makeover by adding elements like holly or other Christmas symbols. It’s a subtle yet effective way to infuse the holiday spirit into your brand.

Update your homepage hero/banner image – Refresh your homepage with a festive-themed hero or banner image. This can instantly capture visitors’ attention.

For some inspiration here’s some agents sites from last year:

Communicate your opening hours – Update your opening hours on your website, as well as any other platforms where this information is listed, such as your Google Business profile. You might also consider sending out a newsletter to applicants and vendors/landlords informing them too.

Write a festive-themed blog post – If you have a blog on your estate agency website why not write a festive/new-year focussed blog. Some examples of blog posts you could write are:

  • “Our Christmas opening hours”
  • “A look back at 2023”
  • “A look forward to 2024”
  • “5 reasons to use us to move house in 2024”
  • “10 New Year’s resolutions for your home”

Don’t forget social media – Don’t let your social media presence dry up just because you’re not in the office. If you need to you can schedule posts to go out automatically so you don’t need to worry about it.

One more thing…

Please don’t forget to revert it back after Christmas. Make sure you don’t have a Santa hat on your logo in March or you’ll have the opposite effect and look dated!

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