5 Powerful Benefits of Blogging On Your Estate Agency Website

26th February 2020

5 Ways Blogging Will Improve Your Estate Agency Website

Creating useful content is the best way to generate leads and connect your business with your audience. B2B marketers who use blogs receive 67% more leads than those who don’t. On a basic level, blogs can help you develop an online presence, and lure in more quality leads to all areas of your website. Below are 5 powerful benefits of blogging and why you should think about using blogging to market your estate agency.

1. Higher SEO Ranking

Blogging is an effective long term solution to help your website rank higher on search engines. Using quick fix tactics such as paid ads will help your website rank on page one of google. Consistently creating useful and informative blog content helps build up leads, site visitors and people visiting your blog for information.

When you’re posting consistent blog posts, google will eventually recognise your website as a legitimate resource for information. In this case, you’d be a go to estate agent for your area.

2. Become An Expert In The Property Industry

There are so many services out there that offer free informative posts on just about anything, so there’s plenty of room for you to share your estate agency knowledge with the world.

You can easily put together posts for your estate agency and answer all sorts of questions your target audience might have, from jargon busting, to more entertaining articles about ‘the quirkiest houses ever listed,’ for example.

3. Attract Visitors To Your Site And Turn Them Into Leads

Buying property is predominantly done online nowadays, and as any estate agent knows, adding a personal element, and communication with your clients are absolutely key to a successful sale. By blogging, and connecting to your target market you build up trust in your brand, making people more likely to come to your agency to help them find their next home.

4. Create An Online Community And Engage With Your Target Audience

Blogging will help create an online community of people with similar interests. In the case of the property industry, you could aim your blog posts towards communities of people such as landlords or first time buyers. By engaging with these communities, you’re creating trust between your brand and them. You’re also setting up good business contacts and leads who will potentially recommend your services to others in future.

5. Creating Opportunities for sharing

Other people will help you spread the message of your business by sharing your blog posts. Informative posts are obviously very important but entertaining posts have a better chance of being shared around local communities. I come from a small semi rural village on the outskirts of Birmingham and I know for certain people from around that area love interesting snippets of information about where we live.

If you are a small estate agency aiming at a local area, blog posts about the most haunted houses, or interesting history about well loved listed buildings in the area will most definitely be shared.

With that share comes free brand awareness, locals know about your business that way and will likely come to you as you’re a familiar name. With these posts, do not forget to link them to other pages and posts, increasing retention rates on your site.