How To Drive More Traffic To Your Estate Agency Website

15th January 2020

We’ve written lots of posts in the past about how to improve your estate agency website. Some of which include:

Making improvements to your property site is no good if it’s not getting any visitors in the first place.

In this post we’ll provide some tips to help drive traffic to your website.

Update old content, and re share

You already have the tools you need for fresh posts. If you’ve been producing blog style content for a long time, go back to the beginning and there will be guaranteed treasure which you can update with new information, update the SEO score and re share.

Produce relevant content

Every day is a new day with new events, news stories and trends. As long as you’re creating interesting content, people will come back for more. The key question to ask yourself when creating content is: ‘is it entertaining, informative and relevant?’ The more useful and informative content you post, relevant to your target audience, the better. People love feeling like they’ve gained something of value for free.

Up your email marketing game

You can’t go wrong with email marketing. 99% of consumers check their emails on a daily basis which can’t be said for other channels. It is also estimated that email marketing has an ROI of 4400% which is insane. You can market things such as newsletters, brochures, offers and brand awareness.

It’s absolutely possible to create a mailing list and utilise it for free. Mailchimp has free features you can use which is intuitive and connects seamlessly with your entire business, meaning you can connect marketing across several platforms in one place.

Create Free Useful Content

Following on from email marketing, people love free help sheets. Usually it’s a free online course or a white paper with information. As an estate agent, you’ll have to get slightly more original and think about what people want. In exchange for email addresses, you can provide them with a guide to house searching as a PDF or an informative printout such as an estate agents jargon buster, or go more sentimental but still practical with a house searching journal so clients can keep a record of all the houses they view with a pros and cons section of each.

Social Media

Posting organic content which is entertaining, informative and relevant is a brilliant free way to attract traffic to your website. What’s even better is Facebook advertising. You can specify the purpose of the advert when you create it, so in this instance it would be click- throughs.

Update SEO scores

If you’re not familiar with SEO, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Read up on SEO and get to know the ins and outs of how search engine optimisation works. It will supercharge your content and marketing strategy to the next level.

Tracking to see if visitors increase

Once you’ve started to make changes to your website or have started a new marketing campaign, you’ll want a way to track its impact. We’ve written a guide previously about adding Analytics to your website so you can record the number of visitors, and much more.

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