300+ Active Installs and 5,000 Downloads of The Property Hive WordPress Plugin

3rd May 2017

We’ve just hit two milestones in terms of the use of Property Hive; Over 300 active installs and over 5,000 downloads since it was launched.

As a WordPress plugin developer there’s no better feeling than seeing your work be put to good use. To see the number of installs and downloads increasing every day is so great to see. The quality of sites being built using Property Hive is getting better, the range of features being achieved is getting broader, and all the time we’re being pushed to create more and more functionality.

We check the stats on a weekly basis and was pleased to see we’d hit milestones in both installs and downloads. We know these stats aren’t 100% accurate but it’s a good indicator of how much use your plugin is getting. To see these numbers increasing, especially the number of installs, is really reassuring.

If you’re interested in seeing the full statistics you can do so by viewing the Property Hive page on the WordPress plugin repository.

Our next target is 500 installs and 10,000 downloads. Hopefully we’ll be writing again when these are achieved very soon.