We’ve Integrated With Thesaurus Technology

We’ve Integrated With Thesaurus Technology

20th December 2016

An eighth format has been added to our Property Import Add On. Users of the Thesaurus Technology property software can now import their properties straight into Property Hive.

If your estate agency uses the Thesaurus Technology software to manage their properties, it’s now quick and easy to get the properties from Thesaurus into WordPress for displaying on your property website.

Thesaurus Technology Property Import Settings

When setting up the import, simply enter the FTP details provided by Thesaurus and you’re away. In just seconds you can have your properties importing automatically.

We hope that users of the Thesaurus software package like this update, and remember, if you use property software that we don’t yet support, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate it in a future release.


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