Version 1.4.21 Released – New Lightbox Plugin

10th July 2018

Following on from our important announcement last week pre-warning users of our upcoming update, this has now been released and is available for download.

Version 1.4.21 of Property Hive for WordPress has just been released, the main talking point of which is the change of lightbox plugin being used.

We posted about this previously, however in summary we’ve swapped out the existing lightbox plugin called PrettyPhoto for a brand new one called Fancybox 3. This new plugin looks great, it feels more modern and functions nicely across all devices.

Making big changes like this which might effect existing sites is not something we like to do too often, however we feel this change is a big improvement and will make estate agency sites using Property Hive look and function better.

Please ensure that you take a backup of your site before updating. Once updated we also recommend that you test any lightbox functionality, for example image galleries or enquiry popups, to ensure they still function correctly.


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