The Persuasive Power of Testimonials

19th February 2020

Adding Testimonials To Your Website Can Build Trust With Your Clients

You can have the best content in the world on your website but nothing beats reading reviews and other peoples experiences before buying a product or service. This is why it’s such a good idea to have a testimonials section on your estate agency website, helping people make an informed and confident decision when choosing an agent.

How To Get And Display Your Testimonials

E Mails

Send an automated email 5-7 days after purchase or service, and most people will oblige, especially if they feel like the service was well worth their money, and they’re happy.

Customer Survey

An even easier way of getting customer feedback is by doing the hard work for your clients and sending out a customer survey. This way they don’t even have to think about writing a testimonial, they can answer pre made questions which you can then turn into client data to promote your brand on your website.

Target Your Testimonials

Target your testimonials at your best customers. The people who have spent the most money with you, and people you’ve had a long professional relationship with  as these types of people are your biggest fans.

Ensure Your Testimonials Will Be Seen

Scatter reviews all over your website so they absolutely cannot be missed. How often do you buy a product or service without reading reviews first? The more stellar reviews people read about your agency, the more trust they will have when coming to contact you.

Dedicate a whole page on your website to testimonials, and put it where it can be seen and clicked on! Also link your testimonials page from every other relevant page, next to reviews throughout the website.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Share your testimonials on social media, and get people to review you via those platforms as well. It could be make or break.

Turn Testimonials Into Case Studies

If you can, turn some of your most in depth testimonials into a case study on your website. This can double up as shareable and brilliant marketing content. Within the case study, sell the customer story. How did you help them in a way no other estate agency could? What made your service more special than anyone else? Why did the customer choose your agency from the next? All these components are excellent for convincing potential clients that your agency is going to be of most benefit to them.

Here are some examples of brilliant testimonials pages to help give you some inspiration for your own. All websites displayed are powered by Property Hive.


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