See What’s Upcoming And Vote For Features With Our New Roadmap

15th June 2016

We don’t want Property Hive to be software that’s developed behind closed doors, where only a couple of people are allowed to touch the code or have a say in what goes on. We like to think of Property Hive as a plugin developed by communities across the globe, and we’ve already demonstrated this by making the plugin code fully open-source for anyone to see and contribute to.

Today sees us take this level of user contribution to the next level by opening up our feature roadmap to the public. Previously our roadmap has been just a list on the whiteboard in our office, but as of today we’re opening it up to the world so you can not only see what we’ve got coming up, but also have your own say on what gets done next.

Property Hive Trello Roadmap

From within the roadmap you’ll be able to see which features are in discussion, which ones have been approved, and which ones we’re currently working on. You can comment on the cards to give us your thoughts, and even give it an up-vote if you like the proposed feature. It’s these comments and votes which will give us an idea on how important a feature is to you, our users.

We really hope you enjoy this announcement and are looking forward to seeing our users get involved to help steer the future of Property Hive so we can all build better estate agent sites.


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