Do you support the Zoopla Real-Time Feed?

Do you support the Zoopla Real-Time Feed?

No. We will, but not yet.

The Zoopla real-time format is completely different than the Rightmove one and as such, will require a completely new add on.

On top of this, the Zoopla one differs in that the client will need to generate their own server keys, as opposed to Rightmove where they generate them for you and just send them across. As such, setting up a Zoopla real-time feed will be a lot more complicated and likely will introduce a lot more support, especially for agents who don’t have knowledge of Linux and the command line (which many don’t).

As long as Zoopla still support the BLM format we’ll continue to advise that properties are sent using that format and use our BLM Export add on to achieve this. As soon as we hear that Zoopla are dropping support for the BLM format (we haven’t been informed of this yet) then we’ll look to build this new add on and look to setup the necessary channels to handle the increased support which will come as a result of the more complicated setup process.

  • 6th February 2019