Advice To Help You Create An Action Plan Best Suited To Your Estate Agency During The Pandemic

20th March 2020

Times are uncertain despite the nation pulling together to help the situation. Here are 5 tips to help your agency cope over the next few weeks and months.

  1. Keep open communication with suppliers, prospects, contractors and your local clientele. This allows for a clear picture of what’s going on at all times. Everyone will know what is going on in regards to your business, and will allow for any alternative plans to be efficiently put in place.
  2. Communicate regularly, following advice from trusted sources such as the BBC, NHS, and government guidelines. These have the potential to change daily so it’s important you communicate and adapt as often.
    Perhaps consider adding a banner or pop up to your website, including information regarding the protocols you have put in place, and to reassure.
  3. Keep everything you send out short and to the point. People are anxious and probably have their children at home now the schools are closed. They won’t want to be reading pages about what you’re doing to combat the situation. Let them know the basic information. (If/when you’re open for business, where to get in contact and how it will effect them).
  4. Panic feeds into further panic. Stay calm about the situation and know that it will eventually be over. Reassure all your contacts. Honesty is the best policy and they will be grateful for the facts.
  5. Be compassionate. Although the government is doing everything in their power to help the general population, some people are still hitting hard times. Now is probably not the best time to be sending emails with a sales pitch tone. If you can be understanding and helpful, even to those who can’t pay you as much as they would have, chances are they’ll return to you as customers in the future if you’re kind, helpful and understanding.

Most importantly, show solidarity within your community. The kindness we have seen from many people during these unprecedented times is enormously heart warming; Including acts of kindness seen from Property Hive customers to their communities.

Kindness is free, and will be appreciated and reciprocated by many in communities. Let’s hope it continues long after the pandemic is over.

Stay safe and let us know if we can be of help to any estate agents who need it.

Property Hive Team.