Q4 2023 Import Add on Updates

24th January 2024

It might have been a while since we gave you an update on all things import related, but there’s been lots happening behind the scenes. If you’re new to Property Hive, we typically provide these updates once a quarter and include all updates to the import add on, broken down by CRM. So here it is, our Q4 2023 import add on round up.


  • When setting up a new import, set the default remove action to ‘Remove All Media Except The First Image’. A common issue is regarding disk usage so starting with this as the default should help long term
  • Property Hive Pro compatibility, disabling the import functionality if a pro user but no valid license in place
  • Add next/prev log links to top as well as bottom to make navigating the logs easier. Also change page title
  • Added duration to logs. Makes it clearer to see how long an import took, and whether it even finished at all
  • Store if an import is a media import or not in the database and use accordingly. Previously, some formats would look at the last date that an import ran when deciding which properties to import and would wrongly be looking at media imports
  • Added the ability to view media in the queue if setting is enabled to process media in the background
  • Added the ability to delete media in queue
  • Declared support for WordPress version 6.4.2


  • Allow branch IDs to be comma-delimited when setting up branch mappings. Caters for scenario where 2 separate branches in Street should be mapped to one office in Property Hive
  • Don’t continue if errors found in response
  • Don’t continue if no pagination element found in response as should always be present
  • Import available date
  • Use correct post_id variable when autogenerating EPC so they get assigned to the correct property
  • Added commercia-l availability mapping to Street format
  • Existing filter ‘propertyhive_street_image_size‘ also applied to physical image downloads so size of image imported can be changed
  • Continue import where it got to last if the previous one fell over due to timeout limit or similar
  • New ‘propertyhive_street_headers‘ filter to customise headers sent in requests


  • Use correct field for display address
  • Import reference number
  • Catered for ‘displayAsUnderOffer’ field
  • Added default mapping for ‘soldSTC’ status received


  • Auto generate EPC charts if no EPC files provided but EPC values are

Vebra Alto

  • Use imperial dimensions for rooms if no others provided
  • Continue import where it got to last if the previous one fell over due to timeout limit or similar
  • Store API token in the database as opposed to in a text file. For some reason all of a sudden lots of sites experienced issues errors regarding writing to file
  • Write error to log if files can’t be opened

Reapit Foundations

  • Include counts of statuses in logs
  • Turn off cost calculator following fee calculation changes


  • Rebrand agentsinsight* to Kato
  • If multiple contacts are passed, only match the first found negotiator
  • Make ‘Available Area’ translatable
  • Also cater for marketing_text_{6-10} fields

Agency Pilot

  • Added support for residential properties


  • Update the default statuses used in mapping stage
  • Record POA
  • Don’t remove line breaks from full description


  • Use wp_remote_get() to obtain XML files instead of simplexml_load_file()
  • If response is a WP_Error then log this accordingly


  • Cater for price being empty so round() doesn’t throw a fatal error in PHP8 when price doesn’t exist
  • Don’t continuously retry geocoding requests if it gets denied once

Agent OS

  • Use original LettingsTenancyID as unique ID instead of propertyID. The former is used when downloading brochures

Arthur Online

  • Take earliest available date from units and use that as the top-level property’s available date if not set
  • Also check for lat/lng fields as well as latitude/longitude when importing coordinates as field names seems to alternate

WebEdge / PropertyNews

  • New ‘propertyhive_webedge_off_market_statuses‘ filter to specify off market statuses
  • Don’t process deleted imports


  • Use updated address fields
  • Cater for properties that are both sales and lettings


  • Include ‘Sold’ and ‘Let’ statuses when importing properties. Still should only send properties that have been selected to be sent.


  • Cater for fields being sent as a string ‘true’ or ‘false’ instead of a boolean
  • Don’t set post_date_gmt when inserting properties. When in BST timezone this caused issues
  • Support more EPC media type IDs


  • Correct the variable set when geocoding fails
  • Correct the wording in error when importing EPC
  • Allow for fields MEDIA_IMAGE_70-99 for additional images
  • Logged errors updated to be clearer where they originate from
  • Passed importID to pre filters
  • Include properties with any status when checking if imported already


  • Also import tours with ‘tour’ or ‘360’ in the URL


  • Added support for imports from local directory


  • Added ability to set base URL
  • Added more debugging if invalid JSON response received

Rex Software

  • Import commercial_rental properties
  • Cater for ‘sold’ system_listing_status

If you have a Pro subscription or legacy license key you can benefit from the above updates by updating to the latest version (2.0.3) through WordPress right away.

If you’re completely new to Property Hive, download the core plugin to get started. You can then access the import add on as part of the Import Only Pro package or as part of the All Features package.

To learn more about our Property Import add on, you can find out more on our website.

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