Optimising Your ‘No Properties Found’ Page

29th January 2016

When users are searching for properties, often there may not be any results found related to their specific search. In some instances people may vary their search, but more often than not visitors tend to leave the site, to search elsewhere.
There are a few things you can do in order to optimise your “No Properties Found” page to encourage users to stay on the site for longer. We’ve compiled a short list to help you out.


Suggest properties outside their search criteria

This could be something as simple as showing a list of properties that fall just outside their radius or showing those that have less or more bedrooms than specified.

When people look for a property, whether it be to buy or rent, potential applicants tend to have a very fixed vision in mind, however this can narrow down their results significantly and they may be waiting a lifetime for their “perfect property” to come up. By showing them other properties that fall just outside their criteria you can expand their horizons and open them up to something they may feel is suitable for their needs.


Prompt them to register their criteria

You can encourage visitors to register with your site or sign up to the mailing list so they receive updates and notifications when properties that fit their criteria come on the market. By having a visible button on the page, or even a pop up, this may encourage them to register for updates.


Show properties they’ve already viewed

Another alternative is to show properties that they’ve already viewed. This provides another hook into keeping the user on the website and gives them a chance to take a look at properties they’ve already potentially considered previously.


The best example of a ‘No Properties Found’ page

Rightmove used to have, by far, the best ‘No Properties Found’ page. They offer multiple options to keep the user on the site and provide suggestions on what to do. In my opinion the best way to retain the user is by having all the options laid out in front of them. The less someone has to do on a website the better.


Thankfully, Rightmove have since updated their website. Now when you come across the no properties found page, it’s more basic in nature, as in there’s less to look at immediately, but it is essentially the same information in a more compact layout. the first page to come up is as shown below, with two options stated very clearly. On the left is a drop down menu which you can choose how often you receive alerts, and the other takes you to a new page to rethink search criteria.

The best way to approach this is let the ‘no properties found’ page on your website do most of the work for your users. The less people feel like they have to do, the longer they will stay on your page.

If you run an estate agency site, what does it currently do when no property matches are found? By implementing the above simple changes you can easily improve the retention rates on your site.

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