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Book New Viewing

Book Viewings In Seconds

Viewings can be entered from the property, the applicant, or the ‘Viewings’ section of Property Hive. We’ve put our focus on making it quick and easy to record new viewings meaning you can enter them in just seconds (our record is 3 seconds!).

Track The Viewing Status

Once a viewing has been entered, it’s easy to record it’s status as it progresses. Log when it has been carried out, record the applicant’s feedback, mark whether the feedback has been passed onto the owner, and even book a second viewing or record an offer off the back of it.

All status changes are logged in the viewings history so you can see exactly what happened, when and by who.

Record Viewing Applicant Feedback

Viewings Dashboard Widget

Lists Of What Needs To Be Chased

From your WordPress dashboard you’ll have the ability to see at a glance which property viewings need to be chased for feedback.

Viewings Displayed Where You’d Expect Them

You can access the full list of viewings from the ‘Viewings’ area of Property Hive, however you can also see a list of viewings relating to individual properties and applicants by going into the individual records. From here you’ll have a ‘Viewings’ tab where you can see a full list of upcoming and past viewings relating to the property or applicant in question.

Property Viewings List

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